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Reorganizational consulting services

Josephine Paige, founder of Strategic Productivity Resources, is a productivity and time management expert, budget coach and space strategist, who has achieved the organizing industry distinguished designation of, Certified Professional Organizer. She has more than 25 years of experience coaching, leading workshops and seminars, and providing spatial organization and productivity services to businesses and professional clients throughout New York City and New Jersey.


Prior to launching her own business, Josephine worked in the financial and insurance industries consulting for such companies as Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Financial and Deutsche Bank. Throughout her career, she witnessed firsthand how being chronically disorganized can cost organizations time and money. She founded Strategic Productivity Resources with the mission to partner with these kinds of businesses to design and organize successful and productive work environments.

How We Can Help Your Business

How We Can Help Your Business

Strategic Productivity Resources offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing businesses' productivity and organizational efficiency. We focus on the "micro-productivity" perspective, addressing small and seemingly insignificant aspects of operations that can significantly impact overall success. Let's break down and highlight some key points on our approach and how they benefit your business:

1.    Micro-Productivity Perspective: Emphasizing the importance of addressing even the smallest aspects of a business's operations is a unique approach. It demonstrates that we recognize the cumulative effect of these small changes and how they contribute to the business's overall success.
2.    Identifying Inefficiencies: Our services help businesses identify overlooked inefficiencies caused by focusing solely on the bigger picture. By honing in on these finer details, you can improve the bottom line and overall morale.
3.    Positive Work Environment: By focusing on cultivating engagement and enthusiasm within teams, you're promoting a positive work environment. This can reduce employee turnover and enhance customer retention, leading to long-term success.
4.    Front-line Employee Impact: Acknowledging the crucial role of front-line employees in business performance is essential. Offering coaching and consulting services tailored for non-management personnel shows an understanding of helping every level of an organization reach its full potential.

5.    Structured Approach: Our six basic steps to productivity and organization provide a clear and structured path for businesses to follow. This helps guide them toward improvement in a systematic manner.
6.    Comprehensive Understanding: Addressing physical and virtual space challenges highlights our extensive understanding of factors that contribute to productivity. This showcases our expertise in identifying and addressing different aspects of productivity.
7.    Relevance in Today's World: In a fast-paced business landscape, our services are well-aligned with the current needs of businesses. Time management, productivity, and organization are indeed essential for success.
8.    Holistic Approach: By addressing critical aspects holistically, Strategic Productivity Resources will help position your business for operational efficiency and sustainable success. This approach acknowledges the interconnected nature of various elements within a company.

Our approach effectively communicates the value and benefits that Strategic Productivity Resources bring to businesses. Our focus on the finer details, front-line employees, and holistic improvements sets us apart as a resource that understands the intricacies of productivity enhancement.

Our Approach

Our Approach

... It's simple and done in six basic steps!

Productivity improvement consultant
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Business Planning services

Sort & Purge

✔ Perform on all tasks
✔ One tasks at a time
✔ Group like tasks together
✔ Then the hard part... Setting priorities

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Productivity improvement consultant

Analyze & Assign

✔ Let's think about this!
✔ Analyze the big picture
✔ Apply level of importance to tasks
✔ Assign priority to tasks based on value

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Productivity improvement consultant

Contain & Maintain

✔ The easy and hard phase
✔ The easy part - Simple!.. Repeat Phase 2
✔ To maintain productivity and order, tasks must be consistently analyzed and assigned.
✔ The hard part - Consistency of behavior

There’s a way to gain success in business with improved productivity and organization and Josephine and her team are prepared to provide the guidance to achieve it!

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