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Our Company

Our Founder 

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Josephine Paige, founder of Strategic Productivity Resources, is a productivity and time management expert, budget coach and space strategist, who has achieved the organizing industry distinguished designation of, Certified Professional Organizer. She has more than 25 years of experience coaching, leading workshops and seminars, and providing spatial organization and productivity services to businesses and professional clients throughout New York City and New Jersey.


Prior to launching her own business, Josephine worked in the financial and insurance industries consulting for such companies as Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, Prudential Financial and Deutsche Bank. Throughout her career, she witnessed firsthand how being chronically disorganized can cost organizations time and money. She founded Strategic Productivity Resources with the mission to partner with these kinds of businesses to design and organize successful and productive work environments.

How We Can Help Your Business

How We Can Help Your Business

Strategic Productivity Resources is a Jersey City, NJ based company, with more than 25 years of experience providing  productivity and organizational resources that will improve those aspects of  business that have long been neglected or never realized as important to the success of business.


We look at business from a micro-productivity perspective.  What we mean by that is, we address the components of business that are so minute they do not receive the attention they deserve relative to the impact they have on an organization’s performance and ultimate success.

In today’s micro-second world business owners rarely have the time to look backwards to assess their condition.  Those small and apparently insignificant aspects of the business environment that may appear to have no impact on the bottom-line, but when examined closely significantly influence the financial success of an entity.

These conditions appear insignificant until they are not.  They become significant when they affect the bottom-line and morale.

A productivity centric organization consists of a team that is engaged and enthusiastic about providing an exceptional team experience by building a better relationship with each other.


A team that is aligned and committed to a performance driven culture translates into less employee turnover, increased customer retention and financial success.


Strategic Productivity Resources' focus is on non-management personnel.  Our flagship service is non-management coaching and consulting that is based on our six basic steps to productivity and organization.  This service is exclusively designed to support non-management personnel.


Our goal is to be the go to source to address physical and virtual space challenges, as well as providing the coaching needed to help employees improve productivity. 


We will help your business achieve improved performance by providing support in time management, productivity and organization.

Our Approach

Our Approach

... It's simple and done in six basic steps!

Our Approach
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Sort & Purge

✔ Perform on all tasks
✔ One tasks at a time
✔ Group like tasks together
✔ Then the hard part... Setting priorities

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Analyze & Assign

✔ Let's think about this!
✔ Analyze the big picture
✔ Apply level of importance to tasks
✔ Assign priority to tasks based on value

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Successful Work Team

Contain & Maintain

✔ The easy and hard phase
✔ The easy part - Simple!.. Repeat Phase 2
✔ To maintain productivity and order, tasks must be consistently analyzed and assigned.
✔ The hard part - Consistency of behavior

There’s a way to gain success in business with improved productivity and organization and Josephine and her team are prepared to provide the guidance to achieve it!

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