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What We Do

Business Consulting

Our goal is to assist enterprises in improving their overall productivity and organizational concerns, thereby improving the entities net value.

Strategic Productivity Resources addresses an array of challenges a business will eventually be confronted with, from physical space to virtual space; organizing and maintaining financial data, systemization and reduction of file and paper for better management; improved human resources practices; supporting business strategy for the evolution of growth, downsizing or retirement.

We understand that business is constantly repositioning and with that comes change. Change that cannot not always be tackled by the resources available. We want you to know we are here to assist you in the unique and routine demands that come with operating a business.

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Your Organization Will Benefit From Over 25 Years of Experience in The Industry

Young Businesswomen
Process Improvements

Process Improvements

Streamlining workflows, and keeping your team in sync




Productivity-Time Management-Organization

Coaching for Business

We discuss and then demonstrate. So you can do it on your own.

Document Digitization

Paper Management


Accounting Recordkeeping, Maintenance & Budget Coaching

Emails, Computer Library, Contacts

Digital File Management, Organize my Computer, Organize Computer Content

Other Inefficiencies

Identify and resolve inefficiencies in operation.

Strategic Productivity Resources Supports Your Unique Work Environment

Storage Rooms

Organization  & Space Planning

File Rooms

Create Filing Systems

Office Clutter

Organize Space and Help Staff Understand the importance of the benefit of order.

Use of Desk and Drawers

Optimal Use of office storage tools

Space Planning

Office, Mail, Supply, Conference and Small Break/Snack Rooms/Spaces

Digital & Physical Tools

Operations Efficiencies

Cubicle vs  Open Office Layout

We'll help you determine which of the 5 most popular office layouts work for your space, staff and operation.

Schools - Churches - Dr. Offices

We work with this very special environments: Class Rooms, Labs,  Storage Closets, Cabinets and Offices

Wearing Masks in Office
Space Planning

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Business Organizing
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