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Workshops & Speaking

Productivity, Time Management & Organization

Workshops are a great way to allow Josephine to share her expertise with your members and employees.  She is available for Lunch & Learn, Conference Breakout, Employee Assistance Programs and Community Education Courses. 


When you think it's time to share the skills of productivity and organization to a group, Strategic Productivity Resources can assist you with that!

Speaker giving a talk in conference hall at business event. Audience at the conference hal

Your Organization Will Benefit From Over 25 Years of Experience in The Industry

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Working from Home with Kids & Covid-19

Tips that will take working from home with kids and Covid-19 to next level

ABC's of Organizing

Strategy for approaching basic organization

Assignment of Task


The Devil In Our Plans


I'm Afraid of my Inbox!

Take control of this tool... that's all it is, a tool

Get Ready, Go!

Set Priorities

Strategic Productivity Resources Supports Your Unique Work Environment

Seize Your Day!


Just Say No

Tactful rejection of a task

Where the Hell are my Keys?

Conquer misplacing things

Budgeting Time

Time is Money

Does your desk look like a Junk drawer

Tackle the potpurri of your desk

IT Virtual

Digital File Management

Modern Office
Happy beautiful woman making presentation standing in front of diverse audience. Psycholog

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